Product Designer

Tax Guard
Website Re-Design

UX Research, Design and UI Design

Project Context

About Tax Guard

Tax Guard provides tax information and services for commercial lenders

Goals of new website

  • Stay consistent with current branding and colors

  • Lenders know what products work for them

  • Lenders know how the products work for them

  • Make it easier to update the website going forward

  • Create a site map that allows for growth of both product offerings and industries served in the future

  • General update of content and visuals on non-product pages

My Role

  • UX Research

  • UX Design

  • UI Design

  • Worked with UX consultant for user tesing, user flows, redesign, site maps and UI best practices.

Tools - Figma, InVision, Sketch, Miro

1. Research
Tax Guard Website ReDesign

pages on old Tax Guard website

Secondary Research

Analysis of current (old) website

We used google analytics and some interviews with outside sources to analyze our current website.


  • Easy to find login for our portal​

  • Easy to find contact info

  • CTA's are prevalent

  • Easy to find benefits of using tax guard


  • Outdated graphics

  • Difficult to add new products and industries

  • Difficult to make any changes to the website

  • Unclear what the product is

How Might We’s

“How Might We Redesign the Tax Guard Website"

…. So that Lenders know what products work for them and their industry

…. so that lenders know how the products work for them

…. So that it’s easy to add products and industries served to the website as Tax Guard grows

…. To increase traffic and encourage visitors to schedule a demo

…. to create an experience for users that is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and professional

2. Ideation
Tax Guard Website ReDesign

Sketching and Ideation

Based on the old website and ideas about how the new website might function, I started with sketches about userflows and sitemaps. We also did a brainstorming sketching session with the whole team to generate ideas on how the product/industry pages might function.

Tax Guard Website ReDesign


I created a prototype so that we could test the new structure of the product and industry pages.

3. Testing

User Testing

Our UX Consultant ran user tests with 6 participants from a variety of commercial lending industries.


  • Lots of clicking back and forth between the product pages and the main product page

  • Industry page tabs reset every time - back to all products

  • Users wanted to just see all products - some didn’t select industry types at all

  • Info in the bottom of product pages was ignored

  • Unclear how Tax Guard products are grouped together. Clients can’t pick and choose and this was not clear

  • Content/Text - too many words, and too much jargon

  • Users unclear about what the products are - they understand "why" but not "what"

Tax Guard Website ReDesign

Re-Design based on user testing feedback

Round 1 design: product page with industries as tabs and then click through to individual product pages

Final design: Main home page has cards to click through for each industry type. Industry pages have the group of products you get if you are in that industry, with a little more info about the product on the industry page - no separate product pages

Hi Fidelity Prototype
4. Next Steps

I built a staging site in Wordpress with all of the elements in place. It's now ready for marketing to write content for each page.